July 20, 2017

Node JS Training


Node JS Training with real time project!

Node js Training with Certification helps you develop applications using Express and deploying them to Heroku. Learn how to use EJS/Jade/Handlebars, build applications backed by MongoDB, write realtime chat application using Socket IO, Gain knowledge of Grunt and Gulp, test with Mocha and Chai, knowing Hapi and Meteor.


Node Js Course Content:

o What is Node.js?

o Installing Node.js on PC

o Node Core

o Global Object

o Argument variables with process.argv

o Standard input and output

o Global Timing functions

o Node Modules

o Core Modules

o Collecting information and Readline

o Handling Events with EventEmitter

o Exporing custom modules

o Creating child process with exec

o Creating child process with spawn

o The File System

o Listing directory files

o Reading files

o Writing and appending files

o Directory creation

o Renaming and removing files

o Renaming and removing directories

o Readable file streams

o Writable file streams

o The HTTP Module

o Making a request

o Building a web server

o Serving files

o Serving JSON data

o Collecting POST data

o Node Package Manager

o Installing npms locally

o Installing npms globally on a PC

o File servers with httpster

o Web Servers

o The package.json file

o Intro to express

o Express routing and CORS

o Express post bodies and params

o Web Sockets

o Creating a web socket server

o Broadcasting message with WebSockets


o Creating WebSockets with Socket.IO

o Testing and Debugging

o Testing with mocha and chai

o Asynchronous mocha testing

o Mocking a server with Nock

o Injecting dependencies with rewire

o Advanced testing Sinon spies

o Advanced testing Sinob stubs

o Automation and Deployment

o Hinting your code with Grunt

o Converting Less/Sass to CSS with Grunt

o Building client scripts with Browserify

o Automation with npm

o Debugging with npm

o Extra:

o Git


node js training

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Certification Program

Node JS Certification Training

Build Complex server-side Applications

Course Inspired by

This Certification program is the most efficient curriculum to prepare you for a job as a Node JS Developer. Participants in the program will learn to build complex server-side applications that make use of powerful databases to persistently store data. You’ll then learn how to secure and configure your very own Linux-based server to host your applications. Finally, you’ll explore the challenges in horizontally scaling an application to support thousands of users with a cloud-based application hosting provider.

You’ll also have the opportunity to prepare for your new career with reviews of your online presence (resume, LinkedIn, portfolio), prepare for interviews, take part in workshops covering topics like networking and salary negotiation as well as take part in a new program facilitating job placement.

  • Time Total time between today and certification end day depends on your weekly commitment. On average, our graduates complete this nanodegree in 1.5 months.

    Learn at Your Own Pace

    Study 10 hrs/week and complete in 1.5 months.
  • Skill Level Intermediate : Entering students should know basic programming concepts (variables, conditions, loops), and be able to solve and describe programming problems.

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    • 2
    • 3
  • Student Rating : 4

  • Included in program

    • Build, test, and launch Node apps
    • Store data with Mongoose and MongoDB
    • Deploy your Node apps to production
    • Create Express web servers and APIs
    • Use cutting-edge ES6/ES7 JavaScript
    • Create real-time web apps with SocketIO

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