November 8, 2015

AngularJS 2 Certification Training

Certification Program

Angular 2 Certification Training

Build Complex Web Applications

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This certification program is the most efficient curriculum to prepare you for a job as a Angular Web Developer. Participants in the program will learn to build complex web applications. You’ll then learn how to secure and configure your very own Linux-based server to host your applications. Finally, you’ll explore the challenges in horizontally scaling an application to support thousands of users with a cloud-based application hosting provider.

You’ll also have the opportunity to prepare for your new career with reviews of your online presence (resume, LinkedIn, portfolio), prepare for interviews, take part in workshops covering topics like networking and salary negotiation as well as take part in a new program facilitating job placement.

  • Time Total time between today and certification end day depends on your weekly commitment. On average, our graduates complete this nanodegree in 1.5 months.

    Learn at Your Own Pace

    Study 10 hrs/week and complete in 1.5 months.
  • Skill Level Intermediate : Entering students should know basic programming concepts (variables, conditions, loops), and be able to solve and describe programming problems.

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  • Student Rating : 4.5

  • Included in program

    • ECMA 6
    • TypeScript
    • Angular 2 with 4 concepts
    • Node JS Dev-Setup
    • 1-on-1 Coaching and Mentorship
    • Fast and Effective Human Feedback
    • Personalized Career Guidance
    • Tailored Project Portfolio

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AngularJS 2 Certification Training

Angular 2 training Institute in Hyderabad

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Fee:  Rs: 7999   Contact: +91-8977093269  Mode of course:  Online live class

About AngularJS 2 Certification Course

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